About Miriam Davis

I work with many individuals who are dealing with painful emotions or difficult life circumstances. I feel that it is vital to offer everyone a safe, empathetic place for them to discuss their issues and feel that they are being listened to and helped in a respectful, caring and effective way. Individuals trying to manage feelings of depression or anxiety, men and women trying to understand and resolve painful events in their past or difficult life transitions or losses in the present, people wrestling with addictions or the result of addiction in their partners or family members....all work with me to resolve these issues and find more satisfying and effective ways to live their lives.

Working with couples, I focus on the interactions that have made each couple unhappy or dissatisfied with their relationship. We work together to improve communication, develop more effective ways to interact and collaborate with each other and focus on building the kind of relationship that fulfills the emotional and practical needs of both members of the couple. This work impacts children that this couple may have, modeling better relationship skills for them and demonstrating that people can always change and improve themselves.

I work with teens to improve their life skills, helping them deal with the stressors (and temptations) of this transitional period of life. Many times this involves family therapy, so that the entire family can transition through this period to a more peaceful and fruitful time in all of their lives. Similarly, I work with older adults, individuals with chronic illnesses, individuals helping older family members, individuals dealing with grief or loss, or families whose children are leaving home....again, my goal for my clients is to strengthen their coping skills and ability to manage new challenges and new life opportunities or difficulties. 

I have great respect for people seeking help to improve their lives. It takes courage to ask for help and I admire that courage....whether it's a couple, an adult, a teen or an entire family. My desire is to make each of my clients' lives more peaceful and more fulfilling.