I work with many adolscents dealing with the turbulent issues that come with that period of life. Many teens are juggling the demands of school, comunication problems with their parents, efforts to get into good colleges, efforts to participate in athletics or outside recreational pursuits....and still have the time and energy to enjoy life. This is not an easy period for them or for the adults in their lives.

I relate well to teens and understand that they are trying to discover who they are and who they will be. Sometimes, it may seem to their parents or teachers that they are not giving their responsibilities the serious effort required....and sometimes that's true. But sometimes, it is a matter of feeling overwhelmed or hopeless or anxious about the "whole picture" and that "no effort" will help them. Over the years I have been able to help many teens understand and articulate their inner difficulties so that they are able to find new ways to approach all their responsibilities. Sometimes, they need a new or better emotional "language" to describe their feelings and needs. Sometimes there are bigger behavioral changes.

I work with communication issues that create barriers between teens and their parents...or between teens and their friends. Together, we explore new communication patterns that avoid these divisive that parents become allies, friends are treated realistically and empathically, and the individual teen gathers strength to grow into the next life stage: young adulthood.